Our Team

Alana Lea

Founder iGiveTrees – USA

Alana is the Founder of iGiveTrees, Laureate of “100 Projects for the Climate,” Member of the 4per1000 Consortium, and a TEDx speaker. Her botanical art has been published in books, exhibited at the Bruce Museum of Arts & Sciences and the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

Camila Barata

Fazenda Sertão – Brazil

Camila is a biologist with a master’s degree in urban and environmental engineering. Having participated in several multidisciplinary projects of environmental education and landscape studies, she currently works in reforestation and landscape conservation projects, as well as at the family farm, organizing and coordinating the voluntary training program.

Alan de Castro Nagel

Fazenda Sertão – Brazil

Alan has lived and worked his entire life at Fazenda Sertão, his family land. He currently works with a team of temporary voluntaries from multiple platforms, local workers, and his own wife and daughter, developing the agroecological project, seeking to integrate high quality food production and regenerative systems. He also coordinates both training and land restoration, and all the production marketing and distribution. 

Paula Ponteli Costa


Paula Ponteli Costa is a Forest Engineer and Specialist in Environmental Management (ESALQ – USP) and Biologist (UNESP), awarded in 2016 by the Brazilian Society of Forestry and Silviculture. Specialist and consultant in agroforestry systems and native and exotic species silviculture. More than 10 years of theoretical and practical experience in regenerative production systems.

Rudá Iandê

Environmental Educator – Brazil

Rudá Iandê is the founder of the Chapada Verde Project, a socio-environmental project that contributes to the conservation and restoration of the Cerrado biome, producing seedlings of native species along with native communities, providing technical support for reforestation and running environmental education activities.

Luiza Lucena

Forester – Brazil

Luiza Lucena is a forester, storyteller, and forest projects manager. Born and raised in Pernambuco, Brazil, Luiza is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Natural Resource Science and Management at the University of Minnesota. Luiza has a degree in Forestry from the Federal Rural University of Pernambuco (UFRPE), where she received seven awards for being intensely involved in research, extension, and leadership roles.

Luis Fernando de Roca

Agronomist & Nurseryman – Brazil

Luis Fernando is an agronomist and proprietor of the São Gonçalo Nursery, based in Guaratingueta, São Paulo, Brazil. He has decades of experience collecting native species seeds of the rainforest, while also supporting regional seed collectors. He’s the former President of Nativas Viveiros do Vale Association.

Zizo Simion

Educator & Nurseryman – Brazil

Zizo Simion  has for 25 years worked on the implementation of socio-environmental projects in local and traditional communities, in different regions of Brazil. He now coordinates the implementation of Ahsyana Ecovillage and Agroforestry in Chapada Veadeiros. Together with Rudá Iandê, he is managing the Chapada Verde Project with the mission of contributing to the conservation and restoration of the Cerrado biome.

Our Advisors

Claudia Bethlem

Environmental Senior Consultant – Brazil

Claudia Bethlem has worked with biodiversity and climate change adaptation on GEF Projects for UNDP and FAO in many countries. She is currently working with carbon emissions inventory and compensation projects, using both native species and SAF’s. She works with sustainable lands, rainwater collection systems and nature based solutions for small farms. She does voluntary work for Fazenda Sertão, as well as training and marketing. 

Pedro Paulo Diniz

Regenerative Agriculture Senior Consultant – Brazil

Pedro Paulo Diniz is a founding partner of Fazenda da Toca Orgânicos and Rizoma Agro. He is an agroforester, businessman, and former Formula 1 racing driver. Pedro transformed his family farm into a large-scale organic farm in Brazil’s São Paulo state, one of the country’s leading producers of organic eggs and fruits. Rizoma Agro is a leader in the development of agroforestry systems and producer of organic regenerative grains in Brazil.

Martin Frick

UN Senior Official – Germany

Martin Frick currently serves as Director of the Global Office UN World Food Program in Berlin. He served before as the Senior Director of UN Climate Change where he was overseeing the implementation of the Paris Agreement and the secretariat’s Climate Action work. As program director for former Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s Foundation, he developed the founding narrative of climate justice.

Paul Hawken

Founder & Author – USA

Paul Hawken is the bestselling author of eight books that have been published in thirty languages in more than fifty countries. He is the founder and author of Drawdown, and has just come out with its sequel, Regeneration. His latest book offers a visionary new approach to climate change, one that weaves justice, climate, biodiversity, equity, and human dignity into a seamless tapestry of action, policy, and transformation that can end the climate crisis in one generation.

Antoine de Kermel

Financial Pollinator – England

Antoine de Kermel is a seasoned entrepreneur who has been working on project financing for nature-based carbon projects with a specific expertise in ecosystem services since 2017. He is a founding member of Regen Future Capital, a provider of finance to farmers and forest owners looking to shift to regenerative practices.

Stéphane Le Foll

Founder  “4 per 1000” INITIATIVE – France

Stéphane Le Foll was the French Minister of Agriculture from 2012-2017. At COP21 in Paris, he launched the international 4p1000 initiative, and the first gathering of members took place at COP22 in Marrakesh. He is currently President of the Consortium of Members of the “4 per 1000” Initiative.

Caroline MacDougall

Founder & CEO Teeccino – USA

Caroline MacDougall has over 40 year of experience sourcing herbs internationally. Among many herbs she has introduced to North America, she pioneered the harvest of ramón seeds, a wild harvested crop that provides income for rural communities and protects the upper canopy of the Maya Biosphere Reserve. Teeccino is a model of respect and sustainability for her partners in Guatemala and in the United States.

Lynne Twist

Founder & CEO The Soul of Money Institute – USA

Co-Founder of The Pachamama Alliance 

Lynne Twist is a co-founder of The Pachamama Alliance, and founder of The Soul of Money Institute. She has dedicated herself to alleviating poverty and hunger, and supporting social justice and environmental sustainability.

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