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What We Do Now

Since partnering with Pretaterra in 2019, a team of Brazilian Forest Engineers, we have been able to scale our plantings due to their incredible dedication and energy to regenerate the Atlantic Forest. Since then 27,000 trees have been sponsored and given to smallholders for planting, with a waiting list for the next 10,000 trees!

Pretaterra buys trees from local nurseries and gives them to smallholders who understand the basic principles of organic soil rejuvenation, and are willing to care for the trees that will restore their pastures and aquifer.

Since partnering with Fazenda Sertão in 2021, we have sponsored 1,000 endangered Jussara trees that were purchased from a family nursery in another state, and given to many neighbors in their region. Additionally, they have created an agroforestry design plan for a neighboring property that we’ve also supported for their initial 1,000 tree planting. All of this has occurred during the challenges of the pandemic, a fire having been set on their property, and a death in the family. They are among the most loving, kind, generous and devoted people I’ve ever known. They deserve so much more support, as their vision of expansion to benefit more of their community is vibrantly alive.

Our Past Results

Every year since 2010 iGiveTrees has given locally grown native species trees to smallholders in the states of São Paul and
Rio de Janeiro, in the biome of Mâta Atlantica.

This video zooms into one of the many planting sites that received trees from iGiveTrees in 2010. The landowners had fenced off the former pasture to allow the native species of wild plants to return (a practice now known as “rewilding”), and into that fertile ground, planted trees we donated.

9 years later we went back to see the results of the planting, that you can now view on The forest was nearly impenetrable and the natural springs had returned.

In 2019 iGiveTrees made an introduction to our Financial Pollinator, Antoine de Kermel, who was able to secure funding for Pretaterra to massively scale up their planting operations in Brazil.

Former planting partners, Instituto Oikos de Agroecologia in the state of Sāo Paulo, were extremely reliable in sending us field reports of the plantings for the first two years after planting. Unfortunately, they are no longer in operation, or we would have happily continued to support them.

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